Tips for a healthy and clear skin.


Every one loves having a beautiful healthy skin.Right from teenagers to adults everyone aspires to have a clear skin.Here are a few tips to have healthy skin.

  • Firstly understand your skin type whether it is dry skin ,oily skin or rough skin.
  • For those people having dry and rough skin keeping your skin well hydrated helps to reduce dryness.
  • For those individuals having oily skin prevent using lot of creams and moisturizers as well as heavy makeup
  • Keep your skin hydrated by improving the intake of liquids like water and natural juices.Having good amount of liquids will help your skin to detoxify as well as open up pores.
  • Wash your face twice in a day ,because when you are outside for a long time your skin becomes dull due to the dust and pollutants.
  • Have a healthy snacking .
  • Have a serving of fruit everyday,fruits contain good amount of vitamins and natural antioxidants.
  • Avoid packed foods and oily foods.
  • Use a slice of fresh fruit like papaya,mango or banana to rub over your face leave it for 15 mins and  wash with cold water .
  • As far as possible use natural cleansers for face wash.
  • Use ayurvedic oils suitable for face massage.
  • To get rid of blemishes in a better way take ayurvedic medicines for speedy results.

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