Prickly heat( heat rashes) and its management in ayurveda.

Summer has already arrived with mercury levels raising high everyday.The scorching summer heat brings in a lot of skin problems and heat rash is one of the commonly seen skin problem specially in children.


It is aptly said healthy skin is a reflective index of the ones health.Skin is the first line of defence which protects the internal tissues from the external of the main functions of skin is to regulate the internal body temperature by sweating in order to keep the body cool.This particular mechanism of skin is brought into intense work specially in summer season . Now moving to the mainstream.

what is a heat rash or prickly heat?

A heat rash commonly called as prickly heat is a mild inflamation of blocked sweat ducts.when the ducts are blocked the sweat which is produced in the body is unable to reach the external surface.

Characteristics of the rash:

These rash are basically characterised by small raised bumps which appear as evenly spread patches over the skin.

the common symptoms include itchy rash, burning sensation and has a prickly feeling on touch.It is usually seen to develop in areas such as neck,back and elbow folds. It may also affect areas covered by tight fitting clothessuch as armpits,waist,groin,thigh and areas beneath the breasts.

What are the reasons for occurence of heat rashes?

  • The skin around neck,armpits/groins that rubs against the adjacent skin prevents the evaporation of the sweat.
  • Tight clothings prevent the evaporation of sweat.
  • Application of heavy creams or oily lotions during summer can block the sweat from reaching the surface of the skin
  • specially newborns are affected due to wearing of diapers for longer hours.
  • It is commonly seen in people living in hot and humid climates as well as in those individuals working in hot and confined places
  • small chlidren are frequently prone to heat rashes because their sweat glands are not well developed.

Role of ayurveda in management of heat rashes /prickly heat:

Ayurveda believes in prevention of diseases.Ayurveda believes in treating the root cause rather than just treating the symptoms.In this regard ayurveda has asolution to prevent and cure the heat rashes.Prickly heat iscaused due to the aggravation of pitta dosha with the involvement of kapha dosha .hence the management here is to tackle the pitta dosha by use of medicines which helps to reduce the pitta.The following are a few  herbs which help to manage prickly heat .

  1. Amla: amla


-It has a cooling property.

-It is a natural antioxidant.

-It promotes antiinflamatory activity and helps to cool the body .

-Amla is the richest source of vitamin C hence it helps to heal any  infections.

-It specifically reduces the aggravated pitta and helps to regulate the metabolism.

-It can be usually eaten fresh or can be taken in form of juice.



-It is also called as Sarsaparilla.

-It is having sweet taste and has acooling property.

-It helps to relieve burning sensation in the body.

-It has a property to purify the blood.

-It prevents various skin infections.

-It has a property to reduce the pitta thereby reduces the inflamation.



Ushira as it is technically called but it is also called as kuskus grass..It is known for its coolant property ,reduces the agravated pitta,helps in relieving thirstand reduces the body heat.It acts as adiuretic and helful in cleaning the body by removing the toxins in the body.Apart from reducing the body heat it also helps to improve the health of skin.



This particular herb is used in treating the skin problems.It also helps to improve the glow of skin.The paste of sandal is used as an application for skin in prickly heat.It is a commonly used in skin .

Sabza seeds:


Sabza seeds  are usually available in the market.These seeds when soaked overnight,swell up  and can be  taken in the morning .These seeds can alsobe added to any juices ,ice creams and salads and consumed.It has a cooling property and hence can be used as a part of diet in summer.

General guidelines to be followed in summer to prevent skin problems:

  • While going out remember to use a sunscreen to prevent the tanning of your skin.
  • Keep yourself hydrated in order to keep the skin well hydrated.
  • Avoid using heavy makeups ,oily lotions and excess moisturizers as they may block the pores.
  • avoid excess spicy and  oily foods.
  • Include salads in your diet ,use natural fruit juices and vegetable juices and soups prepared at home.
  • Use buttermilk as it is a natural coolant.

For better management and apt remedies and medicines it is always better to consult an ayurvedic doctor.




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